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  • Introduction





    • Slewing bearing?structure

    A lot of types of slewing bearings, but the structure composed looks same, figure?1?is the basic structure for slewing bearing

    • Main?installation ways of slewing bearing

    There?are the following main installation ways: Seat type installation, suspension type installation and vertical installation. Both the inner ring and outer ring of the slewing bearing for vertical installation must be fitted with a positioning gag to guarantee accurate positioning of the bearing.

    • Material of the pivoting support

    The materials of rolling ring?of the slewing bearing?produced by our company?are generally high alloy-structural steels?such?as 50Mn, 42CrMo, stainless steel?and?other materials for special purposes. Rolling ring blanks, which are?manufactured via rolling press or forging and have been processed by ?normalizing or hardening and tempering, can fully guarantee?the mechanical performance of the ?material. Users can choose appropriate?materials as required.

    • Temperatureand working environmentsuitable?for?the?slewing?bearing

    The slewing bearing?produced?by our company can work normally at a temperature of -30℃~+70℃. If users need one which can be used in lower or higher temperature, the engineers and ?technicians of our company can design it specially for you . If the slewing bearing works at an extremely-terrible environment such as under?marine climate, dust or abrasive particles ( sand dust, cement, coal powder, etc. ),etc., special sealing rings, protective device and appropriate oil passage must be used. Therefor, to make your slewing bearing work normally , you must?perform regular daily ?maintenance?well.

    • Rated life span of the slewing bearing

    The life span of the slewing bearing depends on the environment?for use, load, rotational speed, lubricating,precision of seat frame and maintenance work. In case of using normally, the rated life span of the slewing bearin g of our company is 6000 hours–10000 hours.