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  • R&D/Maintenance





    Engineers in Fenghe slewing bearing have an experience in turntable bearing over 20 years, they developed the R&D team and testing lab, continuous to making it extra stable and precision during the operation, Fenghe brand provide the best solution according to each customer with tailored products with many thousands of attempting.

    Considering the core parameters which will affect the performance, engineers pay more attention to gear, raceway structure, bolts, Q&T and other nits. They also emphasized on the ring billets, loading moment, speed, torque and vibrating during the processing.


    Life test

    Application test

    Environmental impacting test

    Torque test

    Vibration test

    Measurement, inspection and analysis

    Coordinate measuring machine (CMM)

    Magnetic particle flaw detector (MT)

    Ultrasonic detector (UT)

    Scanning electron microscope (SEM)

    HDR digital microscope

    Rockwell hardness