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  • Fenghe Slewing Bearing

    Working today to shape tomorrow! As a public company for slewing bearing designing, machining, assembling, fabricating and repairing, we provide a turnkey project for all your requirements. We do None gear, Internal & External gears, ring gears, rings, slewing ring bearings and other forging parts for different fields. To save your significant time and effort, we create the drawing and graph for the normal standard slewing bearing. If you can't find a suitable part online, we will create a tailored bearing for you.

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    Slewing Bearing

    Normal standard
    Single-row spherical type.
    single/double/three races cross roller series.
    roller & ball combination series.
    three races roller series.
    Thin series.
    Customized series.
    If one of our standard products can not meet your demands. We can accommodat your design request . We will create customized manufactured parts accordingly.

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